HKnight-13aEmployee Relations Refresher

The typical audience is senior executives, managers, and first line supervisors who face challenges in managing personnel in the federal and private sectors, both non-union and union environments. Topics may include:

• Conduct versus Performance
• Discipline and Adverse Actions
• Performance Management including Performance Improvement Plans
• Leave and Attendance Issues
• Providing Constructive Feedback
• Conducting Fact Finding Investigations
• Writing Charges and Specifications
• MSPB and why it affects decisions you haven’t made yet

Labor Relations Refresher

The course is designed to remind you of Management’s role in operating under the Federal Labor Relations Statute and the Executive Order requiring a spirit of partnership between management and labor. Relevant to both the federal and private sectors, topics may include:

• Grievance meetings
• Unfair Labor Practices
• Arbitration
• Mediation
• Impact & Implementation Bargaining
• Negotiations and how to review union proposals
• Weingarten rights
• Management vs. Union rights
• Permissible Subjects
• Drafting Memorandums of Understanding

Other Training Offerings

• Schemes, Scams, and Flim-Flams – the pitfalls of pyramid schemes, check cashing stores, payday loans, and other predatory practices
• Supervisory Training – best practices to become effective supervisors in order to lead productive employees
• Customized options available upon request